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Standard Heat Pumps for Pools at Affordable Prices

Want to buy standard quality heat pumps? Then visit Habitat Heat Pumps topmost quality heat pumps provider for pools online. We are experts in providing an excellent range of domestic and commercial heat pumps that are backed up by 37 years of experience. Our premium habitat heaters are suitable for school pools, resorts, hotels and also for large aquatic centers. In our commercial heat pumps the range of units starts from 50KW (nominal) to 258KW (nominal). We offer the best commercial project according to your requirements. Heat pump pool heaters work more efficiently as long as the outside temperature remains above the 45ºF–50ºF range.


While selecting heat pumps for pools you need to consider the following three aspects they are:

  • Efficiency
  • Size
  • Cost

Habitat Heat Pumps is providing the most efficient pool heaters at affordable prices. Below are some of the habitat heat pumps as follows:

Habitat 108

Product URL: https://habitatheatpumps.com.au/product/habitat-108/


Here is the top quality standard heat pump Habitat 108. It has 8KW unit nominal, powder coated case which is long lasting quality product. The cost of this product is $1,890.00 only.


Habitat 110


Product URL: https://habitatheatpumps.com.au/product/habitat-110/

Take a Glance at this long lasting quality heat pump for pools Habitat 110. The nominal of this pump is 10 KW. It is tested and warranted by professionals in Australia. We are giving 15b warranty on the titanium compound of the heat exchanger. The price of this heat pump is just$1930.00 only.


Habitat 115


imagesProduct URL: https://habitatheatpumps.com.au/product/habitat-115/

Buy this standard quality habitat 115 pump for your pools. It consists of 15 KW nominal, offering 3 years warranty on evaporator and heat exchanger. The price of this heat pump is $2880.00 only.

To more heat pumps at affordable prices please do visit: https://habitatheatpumps.com.au/